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Biased TV programme to be canned- OceanBounty

Biased TV programme to be canned- OceanBounty

The United Peoples Movement NZ is asking that the Ocean Bounty programme be removed from TV and that it is very important that when offering an insight into a resource of national importance, it is done with fairness accuracy and a balanced insight.

Why is this important?

It is very important that when offering an insight into a resource of national importance such as our fishery, it is done with fairness, accuracy, and a balanced insight.
The standards that have been breached are outlined below as interpreted on the broadcasting standards authority website.

Only applies to news, current affairs or factual programming which discusses a controversial issue of public importance. Broadcasters must make reasonable efforts to present competing viewpoints about important issues.

Only applies to news, current affairs or factual programming. Programmes should be accurate in relation to 'material points of fact' and should not mislead.

Only applies to individuals or organisations taking part or referred to in a programme. Key issues include informed consent, informed participation and reasonable opportunity to comment.

The Ocean Bounty programme presented by Graham Sinclair is only a representation of one of the user groups of the NZ public EEZ, says the United Peoples Movement NZ.

The program has no representation from Customary Maori or Recreational Fishing groups and is therefore legally unbalanced viewing.

The skipper of the offshore vessel San Aspiring gave a statement that the inshore fishery was something to be proud of. We are not proud of the near extinction of the Maui Dolphin on the west coast of the North Island, due to commercial fishermen over catching the mammal in their nets as by-catch. Therefore the skipper's views were proved to be inaccurate.

As if witnessing through released reports the widespread fish dumping that is occurring and the granting of video surveillance of the commercial sector to a company owned wholly by the commercial fishing sector, that unfortunately lost 80% of footage during trials wasn’t enough.

There is already serious concerns of a conflict of interest with regards to the National Party presidents role with Sanford's, our fishery management is farcical enough without allowing this free to air one-sided view of our nation's fishery go to air.
Let's look at the breaches in this program first as we will get to the corrupt conflict of interest claims come 23/9.

From the moment former Prime minister of NZ John Key began to speak at the start of the first episode, we got a snapshot of the unbalanced, one-sided reporting we were going to be subjected to seeing. This was very much a promotion for the National Party of New Zealand and offered no balance to the statements being made by John Key or the commercial fisherman being interviewed that followed.
The other side of the coin with regards to the Toothfish fishery was not spoken of which failed to give fairness and balance to the issue of toothfish being sustainable during episode 2.
The link below is one of many documented articles which contradict that of the views portrayed in this one-sided program.

The claims that our fishery is in a good shape and is the envy of the world is false. Our fishery is not in a stable shape and as a whole is depleting and being overfished. Various research and admissions in the media have highlighted this, and by the ministries own admission, these claims are misleading and inaccurate.
Link shows MPI's own officials think fish dumping is high.'s-own-officials-think-fish-dumping-is-high

Reports in episode one that portray the crayfish industry in a good light is questionable. Sustainbly harvesting crayfish to support our population is farcical and untrue. Over 90% exported live is accurate, but we have more chance going to the shop to buy an imported Canadian lobster than a fresh, best in the world nz crayfish.
A conflicting and well written article by Scott Macindoe of Legasea is attached below.

This program, Oceans Bounty, bought and paid for by the Commercial fishing industry and hiring the services of our so called "recreational representative" Graham Sinclair clearly breaches the 3 broadcasting standards of Balance, Accuracy and Fairness.
We ask for the immediate removal of this series from tv3 and an apology from each of the sponsors and the host be aired to inform the public of this breach.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this letter as a formal complaint to the broadcasting standards authority on friday the 26th of May personally.

Reasons for signing

  • It's about time the smaller people's voices got heard. Sign and be heard
  • I signed as an outside observer from what I have read from following many many comments from recreational anglers in NZ
  • We need to be more representative in the way in which we source public opinion, and treat the ocean and all that live within with more respect..


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