To: David Bennett (Member of Parliment) and Bill English (Prime Minister of New Zealand)

Palm Oil for Change

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Jessica Kim
Palm Oil for Change

Pass a legislation that requires palm oil to have ONE name (PALM OIL).

Why is this important?

Everyone deserves to know if the product they are consuming or using contains palm oil. Palm oil is impacting our environment/climate/animals/human health and safety: causing deforestation; habitat degradation; climate change; animal cruelty; indigenous rights abuse and people have been found to be allergic to palm oil. There are over 200 names currently that all mean Palm Oil. WE deserve to ask for choice.

Reasons for signing

  • I hate palm oil and everything it stands for! Vegetable oil = palm oil!!!
  • i signed so that others can see how important it is to protect the animals that are having their habitat taken away and they have no where else to go- Emily
  • I signed because, last year I went on a school trip to the zoo and I learnt about the harmful situations palm oil has created. I would like to change that, and I would do anything to help. If this is a start, then here is my cooperation towards innocent lives and change!


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