To: The House of Representatives

Petition to enact the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill

Petition to enact the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill

Enact a piece of legislation to limit the mandate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiators and the responsible minister from signing anything that will have detrimental effects to the sovereignty and democracy of New Zealand, and any existing legal regimes relating to intellectual property or access to affordable medicines.

Why is this important?

The leaked chapters of the TPPA show provisions that may potentially have detrimental consequences on New Zealand's Parliament, and our sovereign right to self determination. The flow on effects can result in various effects on New Zealanders. The Government assures us that this agreement will not detrimentally affect New Zealanders in any of these ways. The Bill I propose to be enacted is a formal declaration by the Government that they will be true to their word. We the people are not anti-trade, but we feel very strongly about protecting our sovereignty and democratic rights.
Please find a copy of the cover letter to the House of Representatives, and a draft of the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill here:

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Because John Key is ONLY the Prime Minister ... NOT the Owner of our Beautiful Country. He has no right to sell us to anyone..He is taking liberties beyond his juristiction
  • This TPPa is a thinly veiled attempt at enhancing corporate power. It is very clear, from leaks on the content, that this is not a free trade agreement and negotiators have NO MANDATE to negotiate on the public's behalf, shrouded in secrecy.
  • i like sovereigns


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