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To: The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) through an appeal in the high court, file number EEZ 100015

Protect Aotea from marine dumping

Protect Aotea from marine dumping

Help us protect the marine environment of Aotea, Great Barrier Island and the Hauraki Gulf from marine dumping.

Why is this important?

In February 2019, the Environment Protection Authority gave Coastal Resources Ltd (CRL) permission to increase the amount of sediment it dumps from 50,000 cubic metres to 250,000 cubic metres annually for 35 years, just 25 km of the east coast of Great Barrier Island. Kelly Klink, of iwi Ngāti Rehua-Ngātiwai ki Aotea and the Society for the Protection of Aotea Community & Ecology have lodged appeals against the resource consent in the High Court.

Ngati Rehua Ngatiwai ki Aotea have a significant and an undeniable interest within the area - holding mana whenua and mana moana. Kelly states that ‘the proposed activity will have an irreversible impact on our moana’ and further ‘the harm will be irreparable to the wairua and mauri of Moana nui o Toi, adversely affecting the marine environment upon which our iwi have relied on mai rano’.

The approved consent is a 500 % increase from the current consent! This will have significant negative impacts to the marine environment (for example, substrate smothering, heavy metal contamination, water quality degradation, effect of sounds on marine life such as whales, changes in marine life behavioural patterns, increased bio-security risks).

The community of Aotea, need your help to support the expensive legal costs involved in a High Court appeal.

If you can, make a donation. We face a long game with lots of legal costs and are really relying on the financial support of New Zealanders who love Aotea and want to see a better future for our stunning oceans and our unique island. If you can please make a donation through direct debit to Protect Aotea bank account, 03-0296-0454684-000
Or donate through and search Protect Aotea

For more information on the consent application please refer:

Aotea(Great Barrier Island)

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Reasons for signing

  • Great barrier Island please stop selling plastic bags and straws and when people get takeways use paper or bamboo straws only.Allan
  • Please use reusable bags and not use plastic straws to save the seas.Allan
  • Dumping in the ocean is just wrong!


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Update part 2

Our lawyers are saying that what we need now is some momentum building in the media/public awareness.  The timing of the Raahui, and the protest in Auckland, leading up to the court case is great - we really need to keep the focus on the Treaty and the status of these waters as waahi tapu, sacred waters, as that is the strongest point of law we are fighting on.

Protect Aotea is now a charitable trust!

We also really need to raise some money, if you know anyone who might be a potential donor for this cause please contact them, any work that you want to do around connecting people, raising awareness, etc would be welcome.  

Essentially we are a group of individuals doing whatever we can to support the campaign. Kelly Klink and Valmaine Toki are our guides for keeping everything focussed and on-track, and to keep it on target legally and culturally. You can send any information or queries via myself and I will forward to the appropriate persons.


2019-06-25 22:38:54 +1200

Update part 1

First court appearance scheduled for July 22-23 in the High Court of Wellington

Kelly Klink has an appeal filed with the high court and SPACE Inc has a Judicial Review filed. The judicial review has more of an emphasis on procedural fairness.
Our lawyers Sue Grey and Valmaine Toki are working hard preparing for this court date, along with other individuals contributing expertise.

This weekend local Kaumatua have put a Raahui on the dumping areas, and on Friday evening Nikki Kaye had a public meeting in Claris, where we all (those present, including local board chair, Izzy Fordham, Kelly Klink, 2 Ngaati Rehua Ngaati Wai ki Aotea elders, and SPACE members, as well as a good cross-section of the community, agreed that she (Nikki Kaye) would put a Private Members Bill in the ballot to ban sediment dumping in the area protected by the Raahui, as soon as she got back to Parliament.

2019-06-25 22:35:16 +1200

Aotea Square

Assemble at Takutai square, Britomart 11.30am

speeches - Tigilau Ness - open mic

Auckland harbour is being dredged and Great Barrier Islands pristine marine region has become its dumping ground.
Stop the EPA and Coastal Resources Ltd proposed dumping of a further 250,000 cubic metres of waste annually for the next 35 years!

“let us unite and protect our natural environment everywhere”

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