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To: Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Recycling bins in public areas in Wellington

Recycling bins in public areas in Wellington

Install recycling bins in public areas particularly in the CBD district of Wellington City.

Why is this important?

Recycling is a critical part of living sustainably. With no recycling bins available in public areas all "waste" is put into rubbish bins. We believe that as a unique city like Wellington we should give our residents the opportunity and encourage them to recycle whenever possible. Installing recycling bins gives them this opportunity. Waste in New Zealand as a nation is very high so any help will add up in the long run.

Reasons for signing

  • We have to make this easier to get more people on board.
  • uh it's a good idea? we used to have them but they got phased out for some reason...
  • shocked it hasn't happened yet!!


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