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To: Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Jacinda Andern

Remove sexist words in National Anthem

Remove sexist words in National Anthem

To get Cabinet to remove sexist wording in the national anthem for NZ Aotearoa.

Why is this important?

Austria and Canada have updated their national anthems to be inclusive.

Our national anthem contains the words “Men of every creed and race”. The word “men” is outdated and no longer appropriate to represent half the Kiwi population; the NZ Government’s own style guide endorses the use of gender neutral language.

Ministry of Culture staff advise that a change to the anthem lyrics requires Cabinet approval. Join me in asking this to happen, recommending that the words “men of every creed and race” be replaced with something inclusive such as “every creed and every race”.

It would be fantastic for the PM’s daughter, and every female in Aotearoa New Zealand, to be included in this national song.


Reasons for signing

  • because it is the RIGHT thing to do!


2019-05-06 17:11:55 +1200

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