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To: Auckland City Council - Hibiscus Bays Local Board



Remove mangroves and mud from Deep Creek. This will increase flushing and remove smells from rotting seaweed.

Why is this important?

Photographs of 1910 show that Deep Creek was a beautiful lagoon of at least 4m deep at high tide. Today it is cluttered with mangroves and mud, smells badly with rotting seaweed debris. The creek exits onto the very popular Waiake Beach, Torbay.(Waiake meant "Healing waters") and flows beside a pleasant beach park.
A waterfall lies hidden at its headwaters.

Deep Creek, Waiake, Torbay, Auckland, 0630

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Reasons for signing

  • Lived next to it most of my life. It's been much modified over the years, seldom in a good way.
  • The smell is awful, I can only imagine how horrible the water quality is. Currently I don't let our kids near it but I want my kids to have a nice clean creek to play day soon hopefully!
  • Can't even paddle up creek anymore. Have call council about tree blocking waterways need action. Surely a neighborhood can clean up a creek


2017-08-30 23:07:13 +1200

Update, Aug 17
Greetings, thank you for adding your signature in support of ‘Restore Deep Creek’. We have some exciting news – after a recent public meeting, a small dedicated group has formed a committee and are now officially known as the “Deep Creek Restoration Society Incorporated”, registered with the Companies Office.
We are in the process of sorting out ‘committee things’ and once finalised we will be sending out an email with further information.
An environmental Report has been completed and approved by Council Advisers, and we are working closely with Auckland Council and Hibiscus Bays Local Board.
A planting day will be organised in conjunction with the Auckland Council Community Ranger to plant some 100-150 trees. These trees and shrubs have been specially selected by the Auckland Council Biodiversity Adviser.
Keep an eye out for further news!
On behalf of the committee,
Brian Mooney, Chairman

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