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To: Fonterra, Spark, Kiwibank, Mazda NZ, 2 Degrees Mobile, TSB Bank, Whittaker Chocolate & or.

Save Campbell Live

Save Campbell Live

We will send this petition to CEOs and marketing bosses of major Kiwi brands asking them to commit to directing advertising support to support maintaining the best public interest current affairs team in NZ broadcasting in Prime Time on TV3. Namely John Campbell and his team at Campbell Live at 7 pm.

Why is this important?

NZ needs Campbell Live. If you agree please sign this petition. We have come to rely on it standing up for Kiwis against injustice, unfairness and incompetence from both private and Government organisations. TV3 have told Campbell Live staff that the show may be canned to make way for a daily version of the Jono and Ben entertainment show. The News was first reported by the NZ Herald >>

This petition is now being supported with advertising on and on the Scoop Media Cartel. I have writen about why on (which I edit) here >>

Why Scoop Is Supporting A Campaign For Advertiser Responsibility

How it will be delivered

>> WATCH CAMPBELL LIVE TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT NEXT WEEK >> PREFERRABLY LIVE >> And tweet about it and tell your friends why you like it so they watch it too.

Note: This page is now linking to the Action Station petition >> << we endorse this petition - directed at TV3 themselves - which has now (at 3pm Firday 10 April) reached 40,554 signatures.

Reasons for signing

  • JC has made such a huge impact upon NZ/Aotearoa.
  • The only reason I turn that T.V. Channel on is to watch Campbell Live. Looks like it is a crime to have an honest show. If John goes I say never turn on that Channel again..The best show on T.V. Good Luck John!!
  • Shameful! Such passion for people and his job. Even more reason to switch off TV3!


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