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To: New Plymouth District Council



Stop the New Plymouth District Council selling off the beautiful Fitzroy Golf Course for luxury housing.

Why is this important?

The New Plymouth District Council is proposing to cut the stunning coastal Fitzroy Golf Course and Public Recreational Reserve in half, reducing it to a 9-hole golf course and selling off 180 sections to develop private luxury housing.

We need your help to stop this; please sign the petition to stay informed and let the Council know that you oppose these plans.

There are many reasons to oppose the development of this protected public land:

• The golf course is a huge asset to the local people of all New Plymouth. The land provides beautiful views for everyone and it is a social and recreational venue for all to enjoy, including visitors and tourists to the area - not just golfers.
• The roads into and around Fitzroy are already narrow and often congested. To increase the population by such a large number will mean even busier roads and overcrowding throughout the Fitzroy suburb.
• Many Fitzroy residents will be disrupted by such a long development and construction period, with large trucks on the roads, noise and dust from the subdivision earthworks and building construction.
• Some local residents will have their views destroyed, and the view back toward the golf course from the coast and the iconic Te Rewa Rewa Bridge for everybody, locals and visitors alike, will be vastly different with this sprawling subdivision.
• Fitzroy Golf Club members and 1000s more casual green fee players do not want to see their course reduced to a 9-hole.
• The land is enjoyed by many now, to sell off the land to a wealthy few means taking that privilege away from the public, which would be contrary to why it was protected under the reserves act in the first place.
• There are significant wetlands, coastal vegetation and wildlife living in the area that would be adversely affected.
• Fitzroy Primary School and St John Bosco School will be impacted by increased roll demand, and will be challenged to provide the facilities as they are both at full capacity already.
• Selling off this local gem is not only impacting this generation but also future generations.
• Once an environmental/green and recreational asset is removed, it can never be replaced.

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New Plymouth, Taranaki

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Reasons for signing

  • Too many of our recreational sights are being taken through greed for land
  • I am totally against the descecration of this beautiful green space. The walkway is already going to be ruined by some other sub-divisions nearby. New Plymouth is famous for the green spaces so why destroy our greatest assests. The mayor is becoming a dictator.
  • I'm not fussed about saving the golf course itself but the land has immense value as recreation space. The council has also not made a convincing argument about why they need this additional funding right now. If their are projects to be completed then use targeted rates.


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Thanks for signing! Please note that we are now posting and adding the information that we have informing this debate on Facebook

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Listen to an interview with DAVID LEAN.
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Sun 28th Jan, 7pm
Fitzroy Golfclub
All welcome

For more details please follow the link:

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View the news story on Checkpoint with John Campbell

2018-01-08 19:00:16 +1300

A lot of discussion has been taking place in the community opposing the council plans.

To be clear, the sale has not been agreed upon by council at this stage. The sale of the land will be voted on by NPDC councilors, which will take place sometime over the coming months.

The area planned for development is the land bordering Puni St and Weka St (end of Fitzroy Road), and not the coastal reserve.

There will be opportunities over the coming months to register your objections to council. We need your support by voicing your opinions when the submission period opens.

Please continue to share the petition and stay tuned for further developments.

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