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To: Minister of Primary Industries Hon Damien O'Connor.

Save Kiwi from possum leg-hold traps.

Save Kiwi from possum leg-hold traps.

We would like Hon Damien O'Connor to get some new rules set up around the use of possum leg-hold traps.
We think people should have to sit an online test before they can purchase these traps and most importantly each trap (old and new) must be branded with a number and registered to the trapper.

Why is this important?

Many kiwi are being caught in possum leg-hold traps. At the moment anyone can walk into a shop and buy possum leg-hold traps. These traps should be set 70cm off the ground because we have many flightless and ground dwelling birds in Aotearoa, however because anyone can so easily buy them without even knowing the rules or recommendations, many people set them on the ground and catch kiwi.

Many of these kiwi end up suffering massive trauma to the leg, and have to be killed. These traps are often found set on the ground in forests and along the sides of tracks and roads, but there is no easy way to find out who owns them. Recently someone we know stopped on the side of the road and there was a big female kiwi in a leg hold trap that was set on the ground. The owner of the traps was never found.

Last year over 20 traps were found in a kiwi sanctuary set on the ground. Some still had dead possums in them. If all traps were branded with a number and registered to the trapper this illegal activity would stop.


Reasons for signing

  • Wake up whanau
  • It is obvious that if we were in China and the same happened to THE PANDA we would be sent to prison.In other words; if the Kiwi is NZs icon and in the endangered listing would we not weep for our BEAUTY LOST.
  • This is shocking. They are sooo cruel and should be banned altogether BUT if they are going to continue to be sold the simple requests in this petition would help to save the lives of kiwi.


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