To: New Zealand House of Representatives


We, the undersigned, call upon The New Zealand House of Representatives, for a moratorium on all New Zealand water exports, to such a time that acceptable legislation is in place to protect this precious resource from private profiteering.

Why is this important?

New Zealand’s precious water is under threat again!

Late last year, plans to allow a West Coast consortium to export 800 million litres of water every month were given the go ahead with no public consultation.

Local Councils continue to grant these extraction consents for bottling or bulk export. These private companies are taking advantage of minimal legislation that allows them to continue to profit from our water at next to no cost.

Whilst many parts of the country have ongoing issues accessing clean water, billions of litres are being given away for private companies to exploit. Currently there are 76 bottling companies across New Zealand who have permits and pay as little as $500 to local councils for them.

This is a community resource that needs to be protected for future generations, we call on our Government to put measures in place to protect this precious resource and put people and the environment before profit!

New Zealand water is a precious resource - NOT FOR SALE!


How it will be delivered

Our petition will close off at midnight 13th March, 2017. Labour MP, David Parker will accept our petition at Parliament House, Molesworth Street, Wellington around lunchtime on 14th March. Everyone is invited to come along to the presentation.

Reasons for signing

  • With the dairy industry already destroying what precious water we still have, we cant afford to lose anymore.
  • theres already a shortage of water and with lakes and streams getting polluted we need it ourselfs.but in saying that it would be nice if we were to send some to poorer countries for africa.
  • Drawing that amount of water will change our ecological balance.


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WOW 13k signatures! Well done everyone..... today's news story is disturbing... Our braided rivers illegally pillaged by private enterprise;

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STAND UP NEW ZEALAND - NATIONWIDE WATER RALLY/PROTEST!! Get on board with this action! #bethechange

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Sick Canterbury Rivers!
Napiers water tests positive for e coli

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Well done New Zealand! 10,000 people saying no to the sale of our water~~~!

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9000 Kiwi's signed up to #saveourwater! Fantastic!

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8000 signatures! AWESOME!!!!

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We need to be vigilant in protecting our marine environment. Ballast water has had a devastating impact on several regions and on human health.
A form of cholera, Vibrio cholerae, previously reported only in Bangladesh apparently arrived via ballast water in Peru in 1991, killing more than 10,000 people over the following three years.
The proposed shipping export of West Coast water would require dumping of thousands of litres of ballast water off Jacksons Bay.

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Jen talking on the radio:

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This push to mass export water from the West Coast must be stopped! 900 BILLION litres of OUR WATER for private profit!

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