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To: Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland

Save the Paturoa Kauri

Save the Paturoa Kauri

I urge you to stop a healthy 500 year old Kauri tree and a 300 year old Rimu tree from being felled at 40 Paturoa Rd, Titirangi.

Why is this important?

At a time when our forest is losing Kauri trees to Kauri dieback disease, we need to do all we can to save the healthy trees to protect this endemic species. I am not anti-development, however, the developer could move the intended building and protect these trees. The RMA was never designed to allow developers to be able to destroy trees that have significant ecological value. The RMA legislation has loopholes that will destroy our forests if change does not happen.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • The tree has a right to be there and the creatures who live in it and depend on it have a right to be there too, and we all benefit from their existence.
  • It's the right thing to do
  • New Zealanders have decided to plant millions of trees that take many years to grow. It is very silly to allow old trees like this to be sacrificed for so little. Our community leaders need to summon more courage and determination and do what is right.


2015-12-23 14:20:23 +1300

UPDATE: 23-DEC-2015 The ancient Kauri in West-Auckland that has been the focus of a community campaign to save it was attacked at 6.15am this morning and viciously ring-barked risking the safety of Johno Smith occupying the tree. See more here:

2015-12-11 08:19:01 +1300

We thought the Kauri was saved after an open letter to the Herald in which the developer promised to leave the tree standing. Shockingly, yesterday the contractors turned up to try and cut down the Kauri. Our community gathered together to stop them. PLease continue to share this petition!

2015-03-10 23:37:26 +1300

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2015-03-09 11:22:19 +1300

From Save our Kauri Facebook page

Treescape, the contractors employed to fell the 500 year old tree have advised us they will not return to the site today!!!!!! Great work everyone thanks to the over 200 people who turned up over the course of this morning!

BUT we MUST remain vigil. We will be running a rolling protest from now until we have assurance that the tree will remain standing.


SO please, we ask of YOU:

- Come down tomorrow, bring some friends 7am tomorrow (and for the rest of today) 40 Paturoa Road, Titirangi
- Make a sign about why you want to ‪#‎SaveOurKauri‬
- Like this page >>> SHARE THIS ALL OVER FACEBOOK AND TWITTER let's get to 2000 likes today
- Keep an eye on this page and be ready to take action - we are going to be calling and emailing decision makers today!
- Sign this petition

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