To: Wellington City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council

Modernise Wellington's Iconic Trolley Buses & Reject Hybrid Technology

Modernise Wellington's Iconic Trolley Buses & Reject Hybrid Technology

Modernise Wellington's iconic trolley buses with the latest in global electric trolley technology, such as that used in San Francisco, Shanghai, Geneva, Lucerne & Salzburg.
Reject hybrid diesel/electric technology.

Why is this important?

Greater Wellington Regional Council plans to axe Wellingtons trolley buses and replace them with hybrid diesel-electric buses from 2017.

To some, this sounds like a 'step' in the right direction but, as one great business thought-leader famously stated, "When a GIANT LEAP is indicated, a hop, STEP and a jump just will not do. You cannot cross the Grand Canyon this way."
The switch from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources is not a step change.

Some people say that trolley buses are old fashioned technology. Oh really? Perhaps someone better inform the Saudis. In 2012, they INTRODUCED modern and highly efficient trolley buses; and this is in a place that we might reasonably call the very HOME of fossil fuels: Saudi Arabia. Hmm. What do they know that they're not sharing?

Gosh! It seems that modern trolley buses are all the rage, and all Wellington has to do is modernise! That's got to be smarter - and cheaper - than taking a 'hybrid step' when a giant electric leap is required.

In Shanghai, dual-engined diesel/electric hybrid buses have been tested and DITCHED, in favour of...wait for it...trolley buses! Smart people those MODERN Chinese!

Modern trolley buses are quiet, efficient and emission free.
Diesels are dirty, noisy and unsustainable.

Hybrids require costly DOUBLE MAINTENANCE because they have TWO engines! Duh! They're not the solution. They're a new PROBLEM.

Not only that, the proposed introduction of hybrids would require a whole new maintenance infrastructure.

Eventually battery technology will allow us to introduce dependable 100% electric buses but that technology isn't yet available, and isn't likely to be for the next two decades.

So let's modernise our iconic trolley buses, increase and commit to properly maintaining the fleet, phase out dirty diesels and encourage the development of buses powered 100% by rechargeable batteries.

In time, we can switch to a fully electric bus fleet without the huge costs & infrastructure involved in maintaining double-engined hybrids.

How it will be delivered

In person and via e-mail to each city Councillor and each regional Councillor.

Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • SAVE Wellington's Iconic Trolley Buses and infrastructure!! So quite!! It was nice to experience no vibration, while waiting for the traffic lights to change... So smooth!! The overhead wires when walking through the streets just added a character... To a time when Auckland ran trams and trolley Buses... NZ Capital needs to be abeacon, of what was... And what will be into the future~ Running on 100 % renewables :)
  • Trolley buses are really important for a good and green Transportation on Planet.
  • It is surprising and ununderstandable to eliminate today a trolleybus network. Don't make the same error as in some european countries for trolleybuses, and in France for the tram in the fifties and the sixties. It has costed a lot of money and pollution during 40 years, to finally rebuild 25 Tram networks 40 years later. Be intelligent, keep your trolleybus network activ.


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