To: Hon Nathan Guy & Hon Dr Nick Smith & Hon Nicky Wagner

#SaveOurFallenKauri: Stop The Illegal Trade of Swamp Kauri and Save Our Wetlands

#SaveOurFallenKauri: Stop The Illegal Trade of Swamp Kauri and Save Our Wetlands

To HALT the trade of Swamp Kauri
STOP the Destruction of our native wetlands

Why is this important?

Ancient Kauri is being ripped out from our native Northland wetlands. Northland Environmental Protection Society has identified a rare native orchid where the majority of the world’s population was wiped out last year by swamp kauri mining. Evidence of illegal or at the least dubious trade has been exposed.

The Ministry for Primary Industries and Customs have no record of this massive swamp kauri log being exported to Shanghai. Why?

Overseas websites sell slabs and logs of ancient swamp kauri when this is only country that should be selling locally made swamp kauri products. We all know a rough sawn slab in China is not a finished table.

We need to save wetlands and local jobs.

So right now we need a moratorium on all swamp kauri mining and exports until the whole mess is investigated and sorted out and laws adhered to with illegal swamp kauri to be impounded.

We need your help. Please sign our petition and tell central Government to #SaveOurFallenKauri

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • All trees are important , as they keep ecosystems alive & support us with Fresh AIr #SaveOurKauri
  • because this is causing a serious problem that could affect the future.
  • it's just more plundering of NZ.


2018-04-23 12:12:52 +1200

Northland Environmental Protection Society NEPS have been granted an appeal in the High Court of new Zealand and they need our help!!!
Rare and unique to Northland, ancient swamp kauri is a resource we cannot afford to lose.
Valuable wetlands are being destroyed in the mining of swamp kauri leading to polluted waterways and habitats laid to waste. That is why NEPS is applying to appeal the Court of Appeal's decision
The swamp kauri industry is surrounded by controversy and our environment is at risk.
Please support NEPS to be able to represent this matter of general public importance.
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Funds go towards court costs relating to the application for appeal.
Sign the petition and pass it on
For more information please visit their Facebook.

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