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To: Prime Minister John Key and the National Government of New Zealand

Stop Fracking Now

Stop Fracking Now

We want to preserve everything that is good about our way of life in Aotearoa New Zealand - our beautiful lands, forests and beaches; clean, pure air; rivers and lakes with water that is fit to drink and healthy food grown on unpolluted soil.

Therefore I am asking you to Stop Fracking Now and discard plans to extend fracking (hydraulic fracturing), from Taranaki and the West Coast, to other regions.

I request that you prohibit the use of fracking at all onshore oil and gas exploration and extraction sites within Aotearoa New Zealand and offshore in the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf.

Why is this important?

We think the Government should STOP FRACKING NOW because we want to preserve everything that is good about our way of life in Aotearoa New Zealand; our beautiful lands, forests and beaches; clean, pure air; rivers and lakes with water that is fit to drink and healthy food grown on unpolluted soil.

Scotland and New York State recently joined Vermont State, France, Bulgaria and many other states, regions, counties, cities and towns in countries around the world with a ban or moratorium on fracking. The New York fracking ban was declared in December 2014 after state officials conducted a thorough, two-year investigation and found the potential health and environmental impacts are too great to allow fracking to proceed.

Scientists have documented the damaging effects of human and animal exposure to fracking contamination in surface waterways, groundwater aquifers, air and soil. During every aspect of fracking dangerous toxins enter our environment:

• Toxic chemicals used in fracking, methane, radon and hydrogen sulphide gases, radioactive particles, hydrocarbons and heavy metals can escape into groundwater and are brought to the surface in produced water, fracking flowback, gas, oil and sludge.

• Accidental spills pollute land and waterways.

• FLIR camera studies show fugitive emissions of methane and other gases continuously escaping from drilling rigs, well-sites, compressor stations, pipelines and other industry infrastructure.

• Volatile organic compounds are released into the air from wastewater pits, evaporation pits, misting and the industry practice of burning excess gas and waste fluids (flaring).

• Contaminated fracking waste is entering the foodchain through discharges to waterways, landfarming and other disposal methods.

Other serious dangers from fracking include:

• Earthquakes - seismically induced quakes that result from fracking are generally of low intensity but the widespread practice of injecting fracking waste fluids into deep disposal wells has caused moderate to strong earthquakes in the USA, resulting in structural damage.

• Water Depletion - each fracking operation uses between 7 and 20 million litres of water (sometimes more) and a production well can be fracked up to 10 times in order to maintain the flow of oil or gas. The water cannot be used for any other purpose. Weather extremes from rapid climate change bring increased danger of drought. We should protect and ration our precious supplies of fresh water for essential use in primary industries like food production, not squander them on a sunset industry.

• Climate Change - the production, transport, and burning of gas, along with fugitive emissions, produces significant air pollution. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and is over 20 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. More and more fracking will undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

We can join other progressive nations and lead the world in reducing our reliance on dangerous fossil fuels.

We can Stop Fracking Now as the first step in our transition to clean renewable energy.

Petition created by Frack Free Aotearoa New Zealand and supported by:

Stop the Drilling on our East Coast
Climate Justice Taranaki
Te Uru Pounamu
Frack Free Bay of Plenty
Frack Free Whanganui
Don't Frack the Bay
Greenpeace NZ
Frack Free Hawkes' Bay
Frack Free Canterbury

Thanks to Fiona Clark for the photograph.

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Reasons for signing

  • We should be more caring for our environment, which will be our future home!
  • We need to protect our lands and waterways and keep them clean for future generations. The oil companies don't care about the devestation they leave behind. Greed is their one and only motivation.
  • Poisoning, earthquakes, climate change n death ain't a good outlook


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