To: Stephen Guerin, General Retail Manager, PGG Wrightson; Mark Dewdney, CEO of PGG Wrightson

Stop Hot Foot!

Stop Hot Foot!

Stop carrying Hot Foot and other polybutene based bird repellents at PGG Wrightson!

Why is this important?

Hot Foot is a sticky substance which burns on skin contact and can trap birds and small animals (1), literally gluing them to buildings! (2) It does not discriminate between native and non-native birds and the injuries that birds sustain may require them to be euthanised (3).

The manufacturer of Hot Foot (Hot Foot International) claim that it does not harm birds but that is hard to believe when the product carries so many harsh health warnings for humans. For eye contact, you are supposed to flush with water for 20 minutes. For skin contact you are supposed to do the same and sponge the skin gently so the skin doesn't come off. If it's swallowed, it can burn the mouth, throat and stomach lining and they can't even pump your stomach so you're out of luck. (4) All of these things could happen to a bird who encounters the gel and tries to remove it by preening.

Pest control does not have to be cruel. There are many products available on the market, even at PGG Wrightson, which do not cause any harm to the target animals. Spikes, nets, flash tapes, predator decoys and even similar non-toxic bio repellent gels are very effective and also humane. Hot foot is a barbaric product that has no place in New Zealand--tell PGG Wrightson to stop carrying Hot Foot today!

1. Hot Foot's own label details the risks of using the product:

2. A sad story from Waikato in 2009 shows how a flock of native Welcome Swallows (Warou) were trapped against a pipe and unable to free themselves:

3. A 2011 story from Nelson shows another incident where the majority of a flock of Welcome Swallows needed to be euthanised. Note the quote from Senior SPCA inspector Craig Crowley who says "I have never seen anything as horrible in pest control. It is unacceptable in any circumstances."

4. This page details medical advice for emergency medical treatment.

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  • file a Lawsuit for animal abuse and death !!


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