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To: Prime Minister Adern, Minister Parker, Minister Sage, Minister Clark, Minister Mahuta, Minister Jones

Stop human waste into Hokianga Harbour

Stop human waste into Hokianga Harbour

We want to restore the Hokianga Harbour to being safe to swim, fish, and gather kaimoana year round. We are dealing with farm and forestry runoff, but we need Central Government support to ensure Sewage Treatment Plants do not continue to contaminate our waters. We ask you for financial support for culturally and environmentally sustainable sewage treatment systems as our small communities cannot afford to pay higher rates. We also ask you to enforce the standards that are supposed to protect water, and honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations.

Why is this important?

Hokianga Harbour is a national taonga that is being constantly degraded by human waste and other pollutants. We must fix our failing sewage infrastructure so that we are able to safely eat and swim in the Hokianga as people have done for centuries.

Hokianga Harbour, Northland

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Reasons for signing

  • We don't want our grandkids say to us your didn't you help
  • This harbour is meant to be a place for our future generations to enjoy and share
  • We live here in the Hokianga and want our kids to be able to eat ‘fresh’ seafood like we did at their age... not the kaka that’s getting into it!


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