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To: Environment Commissioner

Stop mining in Canvastown

Stop mining in Canvastown

Stop commercial gold mining at Canvastown Marlborough to 'protect our environment, our waterways and coastal marine life, to invest in the protection of our cultural heritage'.

Why is this important?

We are responsible for the care and protection of our environment, we are responsible for the 'flowing of the waters that sustain the land, as vitality for mankind, as a food basket for the people, as life itself is associated with all freshwater bodies and the food sources that are sustained by those waters'.

Sign here now to protect our environment by saying 'NO' to gold mining by Elect mining at Canvastown Marlborough.

Say 'No' to gold mining - our environment is worth more than revenue to be gathered,
Say 'No' to gold mining - our environment is worth more than a 5 year term contract,
Say 'No' to gold mining - our environment will be here for generations to come

It is our duty to protect this environment for tomorrow's children.

Say 'No' and protect your TURANGAWAEWAE - domicile, standing, place where one has the right to stand - place where one has rights of residence and belonging through kinship and whakapapa.

Its original application, filed last year, proposed mining over a significantly larger area, up to 120 hectares straddling both sides of the highway, northwest of Blenheim.

The revised application said the mining would progress in phases. A pit up to 16 metres deep would be dug, filling with water to allow a floating gold screen to be used.

The pit would be back-filled as work progressed, allowing for the remediation of the land, which the application said would be returned to its pre-mining state.

The application noted a number of remedial measures, including creating drainage channels to direct stormwater into holding ponds, to prevent sediment run-off into the rivers.
March 30 2017: Stuff News:


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Canvastown, Marlborough

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Reasons for signing

  • Because it's a crock. USA should leave nz stuff alone.go mine your own land
  • Because I want my children and there children to swim in it too make everlasting memories
  • Because to mine here would ruin a beautiful place.


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STOP READ THE NEWS: Kia Kaha - hold fast

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Marlborough District Council 'State of the environment-Freshwater Under the Resource Management Act it is the Marlborough District Council’s responsibility to look after the region’s water to make sure we
have enough and share it fairly: Mining does not allow for this:

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Not good - Water way affected by gold mining:

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Protect our environment: Wakamarina track access: Canvastown side access:

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