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To: New World

Stop Selling Non Dolphin-Friendly Fish

Stop Selling Non Dolphin-Friendly Fish

My aim is for New World to only sell dolphin-friendly fish, because incorrect fishing is the main cause of the decline of Maui's Dolphin. I think that if supermarkets start selling dolphin-friendly fish only, then the people whose fishing is killing Maui's dolphins won't have anyone to supply to and so will stop fishing incorrectly. I know that you've probably been hearing that Maui's dolphins need to be helped for years, and now you can with a simple click.

Why is this important?

This is important because there are only 43-47 Maui's dolphins left, and they are rapidly declining. Scientists predict that if we don't do something to help them, the Maui's dolphin will be extinct in 15 years time. Do we really want one of our most beautiful native animals to die out? No. So let's help them by making sure that we buy, and sell, the right fish.

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Stop selling our resources cheaply
  • Because I love dolphins and they don't deserve to be killed... they are just trying to live their lives freely and at the fullest!
  • because I love dolphins and if they are not dolphin friendly it is going to hurt a lot of dolphins


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