To: Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland

Stop Watercare! Say NO to the destruction of native bush in Titirangi for a water treatment plant

Stop Watercare! Say NO to the destruction of native bush in Titirangi for a water treatment plant

We call on Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff and other Auckland Councillors to stop the plans to build a new water treatment plant that will destroy over 4 hectares of mature native bush in Titirangi, and put a community of 2400 people under threat.

Why is this important?

Watercare is proposing to build a new massive water treatment plant in Manuka Road and Woodlands Park Road, Titirangi, next to the existing plant.

The construction of this plant will destroy more than 1000 trees over four hectares of significant native mature bush – including a large part of the very popular Clark Bush Track, bring an industrial sized plant to within four metres of local residents and put untold strain on roading and other infrastructure in surrounding communities including Titirangi, Woodlands Park, Waima, Laingholm, Glen Eden and beyond.

The ecological assessment of the proposed site has been limited to minimal vegetation and bird count surveys, with no assessment of the other flora and fauna that might be present, including bats, lizards or insects, and no considerations of impacts on fresh water ecology.

If this project goes ahead in Titirangi, it would be an ecological and social disaster, an insult to the environmental pioneers that helped create the essential character of Titirangi and an absolute disgrace for the green image of New Zealand.

Phil Goff promised Aucklanders to protect our native heritage trees. Now he has the chance to stand by his word when both our native bush and community are under threat.

We call on him and Auckland Council to reject the environmental consent to clear the bush for a Water Treatment Plant in Titirangi and send Watercare back to the drawing board.

Help us stop Watercare now.

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Titirangi, Auckland

Reasons for signing

  • I chose to live in Titirangi because of the native bush. We have something very unique here. 100% worth protecting.
  • Why cant the plant be located in town where there are more support services and less environmental impact?
  • The native bush of the West has been plundered before in the name of progress but it now needs to be protected.


2017-10-25 22:23:48 +1300

The Titirangi Protection Group and local residents took their case to the Environment Court today. The hearing focused on the meaning and effect of the current designation that covers the 57 hectares site from Scenic Drive to the end of Exhibition Drive.

Watercare argue that designation on the 57 hectares can include erection of structures or associated work relating to water supply purposes including any of the following - laboratories, reservoirs, chemical storage, dams, carparks, roads, plant & machinery, storage depots, sludge dumps, sediment ponds, filtration ponds, offices.

And that it is 100% clear in plain and ordinary words to a plain and reasonable member of the public that it's the purpose of the designation to include these.

We contend that it doesn’t.

The judge gave both sides a full hearing and was robust with his line of questioning. He reserved his decision and we expect to get this by Christmas. The community’s voice must be heard. The fight is not over.

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