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To: Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

Support Xenotransplantation in New Zealand

Support Xenotransplantation in New Zealand

Xenotransplantation is the process of transplanting animal organs or cells into humans for medical benefits, and it is currently being researched in New Zealand as a way of curing type 1 diabetes by transplanting pig cells into humans with type 1 diabetes to help improve their quality of life and reduce the amount of insulin injections that they need. However for this to happen, we need more Government funding.

Why is this important?

New Zealand could become the world-leaders for this treatment but it requires more government funding for this to go ahead. An investment in this treatment will not only benefit thousands of people worldwide and have potential long term savings, but it will also offer thousands of high-skilled jobs for university graduates, and other New Zealanders who are keen to be part of the technology of the future. Tourists would be able to travel to New Zealand for this treatment, which would help our economy and increase profits for business owners.
We ask David Cunliffe, Minister of Health to further the conversation with Parliament that would allow funding into Xenotransplantation to occur. If this were to happen, thousands of type 1 diabetics would live a safer life with more normal blood glucose levels, and not have to be worried about dying in their sleep due to hypoglycemia (lack of sugar). New Zealand's employment and economy would improve, and we would earn the reputation for being the world's leading country in transplantation.
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