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To: Eugenie Sage Minster of the Environment and the Labour/Green Government

Tax on Single Use Plastic

Tax on Single Use Plastic

New Zealand needs to introduce a tax on plastic.
My submission for which I need your support, is a tax on plastic. The tax collected could be used in the following ways.
1. The money could be invested in building and adding to our dire shortage of recycling plants. It could also be used to support industries that are innovating new ways to recycle plastic. All of these type of companies lack serious funding from government. The 3-year goal would be that all waste produced in New Zealand is recycled or reused in New Zealand.
2. The tax would reduce the attractiveness of using a cheap product. Businesses are driven by profit margins, but this should not be at the expense to our environment. Businesses that use environmentally sustainable products would have a consumer level playing field to compete with those who do not.

Why is this important?

It would make companies like Fonterra who are one of the biggest contributors of single use plastic waste in the country, stop,think and seriously weigh up the production of plastic versus re-using glass bottles, as we used to. They would also be enforced to contribute more significantly to recycling the waste product they produce. Millions of plastic bottles per week.
Change on the level we require needs a massive action plan by our government which is just not happening at the speed required; other countries are leading the way. For instance India, who has put in place a government action plan to stop the use of most single use plastics by 2022. That should be us, let’s make it happen. Support this and you will be taking a positive action step to make this a reality. I thank you for your support.

Reasons for signing

  • Please use glass milk instead of plastic or compsotable plastic made from corn starch so that they will break down,Please do this so less sea animals die to eat plastic.Allan
  • This is very logical and sends the responsibility back to the company causing the issue
  • Because a tax on the resins imported to manufacture packaging and on new packaging imported into New Zealand will help change the economics of recycling - and is a method to target the problem at its source rather than at the consumer end where we can do little.


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