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To: Air New Zealand

Tell Air New Zealand to stop using single use plastics.

Tell Air New Zealand to stop using single use plastics.

Ask Air NZ to stop using single use plastics on all their flights.

Why is this important?

The plastic problem in the environment and in the ocean is ever increasing. Recently on a short haul flight I was very upset and disappointed to see the amount of plastic that was used. I thought about the fact that this was just one flight, I thought about all the other flights that day and the day after and the amount of plastic those flight must produce. On that same flight I read an article in the Air NZ magazine talking about the good work they are doing to contribute to conservation and offset carbon. The amount of damage carbon emissions do is massive, so why not limit the amount of damage done in all other areas. I believe one way that Air NZ could really make a difference is to stop using so much plastic!! As a leading airline that represents New Zealand, bringing millions of people from all over the world to our shores, I believe they have a responsibility to set a good example and lead the movement to end single use plastics in this country.

For example they could use biodegradable cups, filtered water served in metal jugs instead of using bottled water. Milk from a jug instead of small plastic throw away containers. Paper or biodegradable rubbish bags, there are many sustainable options available. Some of them made right here in Aotearoa.

We should all be doing our bit to support local businesses and protect the environment. How about you, Air New Zealand - will you do the right thing? Will you make the move to a healthier and more sustainable Aotearoa for future generations?!

How it will be delivered

Sending the petition to Air New Zealand


Reasons for signing

  • Air New Zealand please please use no plastic bags and straws and use eco beeswax wrap and stop using plastic and use plastic free Whittaker’s chocolate.Allan
  • Plenty of biofriendly alternatives available


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