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To: Jacinda Ardern, Megan Woods and New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals

The people's bid - no more oil and gas drilling in Taranaki

The people's bid - no more oil and gas drilling in Taranaki

We - the people of Aotearoa - are together bidding on the 2,188 km² of onshore Taranaki land made available for oil and gas drilling by the government. We are not bidding to destroy the land. We are bidding in defense of the climate!

We all know, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is very clear, that we need radical change now to prevent climate chaos. This is an emergency and we have to act accordingly. The last thing we should be doing now is to look for more fossil fuels!

Jacinda Ardern and Megan Woods - we are calling on you to do the right thing for future generations and rescind the 2018 Petroleum Block Offer in onshore Taranaki.

Why is this important?

To defend our climate, we need to stop handing out oil and gas permits. The government has opened up 2,188 km² of Taranaki land to oil companies. We are saying: NO WAY! Handing out permits for more fossil fuel exploration while the planet is melting can only be described as ecocide and crime against humanity. Fossil fuel companies have known of their impacts on climate and ocean chemistry for many decades, and have acted to increase their biosphere-destroying activities, not transition to clean renewables.

We are reading reports about the collapse of the glaciers in Greenland and the collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The melting of the ice will lead to sea-level rise of several meters. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere keep rising due to increasing emissions despite politicians saying that climate change is a priority. If we are to take climate change seriously – and we owe it to our children – then we need to stop drilling for more oil and gas or digging up more coal now. Handing out permits to oil companies now is like handing out death certificates to our children.

Find out more on the Climate Justice Taranaki website:


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Reasons for signing

  • Prospecting, extraction and fossil fuel dependence must stop, now. We're in crisis.
  • We need to take care of this Planet Earth where we live and where our descendants will live. If we continue to pollute and destroy Papatuanuku Earth and Tangaroa Sea we will leave a bleak future for our mokopuna descendants
  • The future is in renewable energy.


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