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To: Dr. Jay L. Shaw

The right to follow your passion

The right to follow your passion

Reconsider Dr. Jay Shaw's position as a lecturer at the Victoria University as he will be dismissed from the end of the second semester 2015.

His passion for teaching philosophy is the one of the most important aspects of his life. He has gone so far as to propose his services free of charge at the University.

Why is this important?

Jay has dedicated his life to teaching. His passion for philosophy and the sharing of knowledge are the core of his persona.

Jay has learned and taught around the world, from New Zealand, to India, Hawaii, France, England, Canada, Australia and many other countries. He is the co-founder of the Society for Philosophy and Culture that now exists in three countries and has produced a large amount of philosophical books, seminars and three international conferences, of which, the most recent was the First International Interdisciplinary Conference in New Zealand on the topic of "Mind, Body and Self".

But that is not all, Jay has also established a scholarship for Postgraduate students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.He is the second person in the history of New Zealand to be acclaimed with not one, but two Festschrift (a publication honouring one's academic achievements) And more importantly, through his courses, Dr. Shaw promotes all kind of philosophies which includes Maori and other less popular philosophies.

Finally, his relationship with the students is quite amazing, for not only has he given his personal contact details by announcing that the time of day was irrelevant in regards to the importance of philosophical questions, he has at multiple occasions organised study sessions for and provided food for the whole class from his own initiative. To be more accurate, Jay has ordered so many pizzas that he now has a special relationship with Pizza Hut!

So why is this important?

When some one with so much passion and knowledge that has proved his dedication countless times, and is dismissed from his position without legitimate grounds, it is our duty, for those that have thrived thanks to Jay's energy, to defend his willingness to continue to teach, especially when it promotes holistic knowledge which empowers both students and minorities through the transmission of Eastern and Maori Philosophies.

Jay's impressive CV and achievements are way too long to be listed here and can be found on the following page

Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington

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Reasons for signing

  • Highly productive individual who has always pursued excellence in his field and wants to do more....asset to his department,university and NZ..and the world! Raju Badiani
  • Jay is a very good man and he can contribute a lot in encouraging the learning and discussion in philosopy.
  • I got to know DR. JAY from the topic of "Mind Body and Self", and I think he is a kind and passionate tutou who bring philosophy and unique culture to Victoria University.


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