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To: Jenny Salesa, Associate. Minister of Education and Minister for Manukau East

Time to deliver Pay Equity for Teacher Aides

Time to deliver Pay Equity for Teacher Aides

Manukau East Constituents: Please add your name and share this open letter.

Talofa Hon. Jenny Salesa,

Teacher aides, admin, other support staff and Kaiarahi i te Reo are on the front line of student support. They are the glue that holds our schools together. From the office, to the library and the classroom, quality teaching and learning couldn’t happen without them.

However, despite their considerable skills and responsibilities, this mainly female workforce is poorly paid and most have no certainty of employment or hours from one year to the next – 90% of teacher aides earn less than the Living Wage of $21.15, even with many years of experience.

Teacher aides have been waiting for pay equity for three years. Admin staff are still waiting for an agreed timeline for their pay equity claim. This is not good enough.

What we want:
Teacher aides need a pay equity settlement by Christmas 2019.
Admin and other staff need a concrete timeline for their pay equity claims.
If we want Aotearoa to be the best place in the world to be a child, we need to value those who work closest with them.
Support staff have waited long enough for a fair go. Please Minister, make this happen now.

Kind regards

Your Manukau East Constituents

Why is this important?

Teacher aides, admin, other support staff and Kaiarahi i te Reo are on the front line of student support. They are an essential cog in day to day workings of our schools. They need to be paid fairly for the hard work that they do! Add your name to this open letter to the Associate Minister of Education and Minister of Manukau East Jenny Salesa saying that support staff have waited long enough for fair pay.

How it will be delivered

We had planned to deliver this letter when we meet Jenny Salesa at Wymondley Road School on December 6th 2019. Unfortunately, Jenny has advised that she is unable to meet us this side of Christmas and we are to schedule time early next year that is yet to be confirmed.

New Zealand. Aotearoa

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2019-12-19 21:55:31 +1300

Pay Equity update
The campaign to achieve pay equity for teacher aides took an historic step forward yesterday, with the first day of pay equity negotiations getting underway. Once agreement is reached, changes will be made to ensure teacher aides’ skills and knowledge are recognised and fairly paid.
The teams made good progress identifying options to ensure any agreed pay equity settlement is delivered fairly to teacher aides. We agreed a shared direction for the delivery of funding to be built on when we resume negotiations in mid-January.
The teams also discussed our shared interest in addressing systemic issues where gender under-valuation of teacher aides has occurred, such as funding systems, professional development, career framework and job security.

Negotiations started the process of developing a settlement that will be put to teacher aides for ratification. Further negotiations will take place in the week of January 13th, and I will update you on progress after that.

2019-12-04 20:05:48 +1300

Kia Ora,
I have received word form Hon Jenny Salesa's Senior MP Support person who has advised that Jenny is having to make a policy announcement and because of this needs to clear her existing appointments for this Friday afternoon. (6th December 2019) . Jenny has asked to reschedule our meeting in the early in the New Year (date is yet to be confirmed)
Jenny is aware that this open letter is active so..can I ask you all to share this open letter via email, what's app, Facebook, Instagram etc. Let's keep the pressure on and get the result that we deserve. Kia Kaha, Megan Walker-Timu

2019-11-28 20:48:21 +1300

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