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To: To Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne and Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman

To fund Medicinal Marijuana (Sativex ) for life threatening seizures and multiple Sclerosis

To fund Medicinal Marijuana (Sativex ) for life threatening seizures and multiple Sclerosis

We would like Mr Dunne and Mr Coleman to make a common sense decision and fund the supply of Sativex (Medicinal Marijuana ) to treat life-threatening seizures and multiple Sclerosis . The cost of this medicine is $990 to $1300 per month, depending on where it is bought and what dose a person is on.

Why is this important?

Sativex has saved our daughters life who had life threatening seizures and we were told she will die in September. If sativex has to be withdrawn and If our daughter has to be hospitalized it will cost taxpayers and the state about $15,000 upwards per month which includes helicopter transfer of $3599 from Kaitaia to Whangarei , ICU cost and medication of $6725 per day . But sativex will cost only $990 per month. There are other people who are in the same situation. This is a legal drug approved to use in NZ and it is helping lots of people but most people cant afford to try it .

How it will be delivered

E mail the signatures or may stage a press conference .


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Reasons for signing

  • we have a son that suffers from seizures and has been on medicine for over 8 years with no success of slowing down of seizures...
  • I believe that the government should be fully fund this medicinal miracle. So many lives could be improved and the lives of those whom love them. Good luck and God bless
  • No one should have to deal with the pain or the tedious process of easing the pain.


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