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Total ban on the sale of fireworks in New Zealand

Total ban on the sale of fireworks in New Zealand

Ban the sale of all fireworks to the general public in New Zealand. Firework displays may only be organised by Local Authorities.

Why is this important?

The safety of our children is paramount and yet year after year around early November we hear of horrendous accidents with children and fireworks. Why do we continue to celebrate an overseas anniversary that turned into a disaster in the end and hanged the person responsible. Furthermore, the animal distress caused around this time is significant and totally unnecessary.

Reasons for signing

  • Horses especially get very distressed and there is no one day the fire works have to be used so can go on for weeks or be at anytime. teenagers use and so many adults also do not set a safety example.
  • I personally think some of the New Zealand 🇳🇿 People Are ignoring or just Don't Care about the welfare of their children and Pets!! They Need to Recognize the effects the Adults ARE CAUSING!!
  • There are so many sensible, logical reasons to totally ban and zero to allow personal use fireworks


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