To: The Bay of Plenty Councils

TPPA Petition to the Bay of Plenty Councils

TPPA Petition to the Bay of Plenty Councils

That Bay of Plenty Councils encourage the government to conclude negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Free Trade Agreements in a way that provides net positive benefits for the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand, that is, provided the Partnership and Agreements achieve the following objectives:

(1.) Continues to allow the Bay of Plenty and other Councils, if they so choose, to adopt procurement policies that provide for a degree of local preference; to choose whether particular services or facilities are provided in house, by council-controlled organisations (CCOs) or by contracting out; or to require higher health and safety, environmental protection, employment rights and conditions, community participation, animal protection or human rights standards than national or international minimum standards;

(2.) Maintains good diplomatic and trade relations and partnerships for the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand with other major trading partners not included in the agreement including with China;

(3.) Provides substantially increased access for our agriculture exports, particularly those from the Bay of Plenty into the US Market;

(4.) Does not undermine PHARMAC, raise the cost of medical treatments and medicines or threaten public health measures, such as tobacco control;

(5.) Does not give overseas investors or suppliers any greater rights than domestic investors and suppliers such as through introducing Investor-State Dispute Settlement, or reduce our ability to control overseas investment or finance;

(6.) Does not expand intellectual property rights and enforcement in excess of current law;

(7.) Does not weaken our public services, require privatisation, hinder reversal of privatisations, or increase the commercialization of Government or of Bay of Plenty Council or other local government organisations;

(8.) Does not reduce our flexibility to support local economic and industry development and encourage good employment and environmental practices and initiatives such as Buy Local and our farmers markets;

(9.) Contains enforceable labour clauses requiring adherence to core International Labour Organisation conventions and preventing reduction of labour rights for trade or investment advantage;

(10.) Contains enforceable environmental clauses preventing reduction of environmental and biosecurity standards for trade or investment advantage;

(11.) Has general exemptions to protect human rights, the environment, the Treaty of Waitangi, and New Zealand's economic and financial stability;

(12.) Has been negotiated with real public consultation including regular public releases of drafts of the text of the agreement, and ratification being conditional on a full social, environmental, and economic impact assessment including public submissions.

Why is this important?

The mainstream media of New Zealand are not informing our public of the dire consequences of this 'so-called' trade agreement, or questioning why it is being negotiated secretly in collaboration with foreign corporate investors.

So it falls upon us to inform our communities, to pressure our government for full disclosure, and to insist upon our democratic right to decide if this Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will be the signing away of our future.

Based upon the latest Wikileaks documents, we understand that signing the TPPA in it's current form will open New Zealand up to the following:

* Foreign investors dictating our domestic laws
* Inflated pricing of patented medicines
* Weak or non-existent GMO food labelling
* Overriding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
* Pushing more of our kiwi jobs overseas
* Undermining our environmental protections
* Unfettered mining, drilling and fracking
* Escalation of our national financial crises
* Irreversible sellouts of more kiwi assets
* Voidance of our “buy kiwi made” policy
* Erosion of privacy and internet freedoms
* Corporate takeover of our Kiwi way of life

We stand united with our communities against the signing away of our future and call upon our local councils to stand united with us!

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signed petitions to the Bay of Plenty Councils when we present our submission to them in person in May 2015. All supporters and signatories are invited to attend this meeting with us and ensure that our concerns are heeded.

Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Its time to actively show we give a damn about not only ourselves and our families welfare but our beautiful New Zealands welfare. Its time we got off our butts and made the effort. The 'she'll be right' attitude wont work. We need to SHOW them what we're made of....
  • This is my homeland and I want my children to be able to have safe non gmo food and not have these rights dictated from countries who don't know or care about our land
  • Don't want to be dictated to by foreign countries regarding our food - we want organic not GMO products, we want labelling of foods to indicate GM or not, etc etc


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We need to amplify this campaign so we can have hundreds more signatories to take to the BOP Regional Council when we present our submissions in the 2nd week of April.

If the government goes ahead and signs the TPPA, it will effect our country for decades to come. If we can get our 12 point TPPA resolution included in the BOPRC ten year plan we can use this to buffer many of those effects.

The people, the seas, and the land of the wider Bay of Plenty need you to stand up and speak out now. We must encourage our councils to stand by them too and resist foreign corporate takeover!

Please forward this petition to five people you know and ask them all to forward it along to another five people, and soforth.

Kia kaha!

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