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To: Far North District Council

Trial the use of non toxic alternatives to Glyphosate in Hokianga

Trial the use of non toxic alternatives to Glyphosate in Hokianga

As a positive step towards ending the use of Glyphosate and other toxic, chemical herbicides on our roadsides and public areas across the Far North, such as footpaths and play grounds, we request that you undertake a trial of non-toxic alternatives around the Hokianga.

Why is this important?

Glyphosate is classified by the World Health Organisation as “probably carcinogenic” to humans, yet it is still legal to use it in public spaces like parks and on roadsides.
If it enters waterways, glyphosate harms fish and other aquatic animals. Many of our roadside drains lead straight into the rivers and then the harbour.
Glyphosate is often combined in weed killers with other active ingredients that also harm animals and people.
Currently FNDC uses around 480 litres of glyphosate and other herbicides in parks and reserves and more than 1000 litres on roadsides per year.
Many people are concerned about the health impacts of these chemicals on themselves and their children and are currently unable to avoid them as they are liberally sprayed around our public places. We believe FNDC has a responsibility not to undertake practices that are harmful to residents of the district and to safeguard the interests of rate payers by not making themselves liable for future claims of harm caused. In 2018 a man in the US was awarded $78 million in compensation because RoundUp caused his cancer.
There are plenty of non-toxic alternatives available including hot water treatment, steam treatment, and products made from plant oils. We recently had a very successful demonstration in Rawene of a product called Foamstream

Far North District

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Reasons for signing

  • 3 more signatures we can do this
  • ban 1080 poison
  • We need TO PUSH FNDC on track with Looking after the natural world NOW


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