To: Kaikoura Earthquake Recovery

Truck Free Kaikoura

Truck Free Kaikoura

We the undersigned strongly request that when reinstating the transport links through the Kaikoura District, all through-freight be routed on coastal shipping and/or rail. Furthermore, that a safe cycle/walking track be included in the design.

Why is this important?

While, of course, many trucks will still need to use the highway to make local deliveries along the route, this is a golden opportunity to encourage much of the large, long haul freight that does not stop along the way, off the highway and onto the most environmentally friendly modes of transport; firstly, coastal shipping and secondly, rail. This is not to promote a ban, rather it is to provide infrastructure that will promote and encourage a reduction in the some 550 daily truck trips currently required.

Let's take this opportunity to create a world renowned Kaikoura Coastal Scenic Highway. Let’s reinstate the road through the Kaikoura District to include a safe cycle/walking lane separate from the Highway wherever possible and safely integrated with the highway around  the narrow, bluffy parts of the coast. Imagine the growth in prosperity for the whole region. Reinstate the rail for freight and a fantastic tourism experience with strategic stop-offs to compliment the cycle/walkway.

1. Honour our international obligations to reduce carbon emissions.
2. ‘Future proof’ the freight transport network against further disruptive events.
3. Create a much safer highway for all users.
4. Minimize highway repairs.
5. Create a quieter, more relaxed and people friendly Kaikoura Township for both locals and tourists to enjoy.
6. A safe cycle/walkway through the region will increase tourism opportunities and SH1 will become a world renowned tourist highway.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • Road safety and environmental values will be enhanced through expansion of rail in the country. Train travel appeals to many and we should be developing this rather than side-lining it for increased truck volumes on the roads. Pure economics may not support it but intangible values make a compelling case.
  • Common sense to protect a beautiful route and ensure the safety of hikers/walkers and cyclists.
  • Thought the Grasshopper passenger train trip Picton to Christchurch was great. The proposal seems common sense and now is the time to do it


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