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To: Dunedin City Council

Upgrade of public facilities at Chingford Park

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Kirstin Flockton

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Chingford is a beautiful park and a highly used and popular recreational space.
We petition the Council to upgrade some of the facilities available at the Chingford Park, namely toileting, water fountains and picnic spaces, drainage of sport fields, water quality monitoring of Lindsay Creek, and safer road crossing options at North Road entrance.

Why is this important?

Chingford has been a popular park for many years, with grand trees, structures and green spaces. The Lindsay Creek winds through the park next to the great children's playground. Tracks weave over the hillside through the established forest. Archery, soccer, orienteering, and athletics all take place here. The park is regularly used for picnics, birthday parties and celebrations, enjoyed by young and old alike.
We ask that the council upgrade the facilities provided here to meet the public needs in this popular space. Installing public toilets, extending picnicking facilities, keeping the fields well drained, and ensuring the water quality of the creek is safe for people to play in.
Parks are a place for people to come together and enjoy the outdoors and Chingford is a great park. Council investment in Chingford's facilities will ensure it meets the needs of the community it serves now and into the future.

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • A community park for footballing children. The grounds need to have better drainage, lights for training and good toilet and BBQ facilities.
  • I totally agree that Chingford Park needs toilets A.S.P. I walk there most days and im continually asked by visitors where are the toilets ,it is a very popular park with familys .,I would also suggest that dogs are band from the childrens playing area ,and that it be fenced off .
  • It's a magical park and so accessible.


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