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To: Waikato Regional Council

Save Weraiti and the Mangapiko (save our sacred mountain and river)

Save Weraiti and the Mangapiko  (save our sacred mountain and river)

We call on Waikato Regional Council and the Commissioners to refuse consent to the Matamata Metal Supplies Quarry Operation, as the quarry has been below the modern standard of environmental practice, causing irreversible cultural harm and degrading the quality of significant waterways.

Why is this important?

Waikato Regional Council has failed to use its power under the Resource Management Act and has allowed Matamata Metal Supplies to operate un-consented for the past 6 years and in a manner not consistent with modern standards over decades.

As tangata whenua kaitiaki of the area our role is to protect and preserve the essence of our awa, maunga, waahi tapu and whenua. When the essence of these taonga are compromised this impacts the spiritual and cultural well-being of our people. Our stories, traditions and identity stem from the relationship we have with the land and are at risk of being lost forever.

It is important to close down the Matamata Metal Supplies Quarry Operation as people who live in the environmental shadow of the quarry are the first and worst affected and the environmental impact of the quarry effects water quality stretching to the Firth of Thames.
Let’s Give a Voice for our sacred mountain and river and protect our environment for all our futures.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be hand delivered to the Commissioners and representatives of the Waikato Regional Council on the 19th March at the Commissioners hearing.

Okauia Springs Road, Matamata

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Reasons for signing

  • Sign to protect our environment
  • Original land owner who can whakapapa direct.
  • The revolution is coming and I want to be on the frontlines.


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