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To: Wairoa District Council

Wairoa District Council- Block the Offer - Say No to deep sea oil

Wairoa District Council- Block the Offer - Say No to deep sea oil

We request our council to adopt a stance of opposition to deep sea oil activity, and open paths for community consultation and awareness

Why is this important?

Prospecting and drilling promotes a risk industry, and threatens a vulnerable ecosystem. Assumed responsibility for local resources brings demand for accountability within governance structures.

Risk includes contamination through accident, carbon emmissions towards global warming, and negative impact on sealife populations undermining fishing.


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Reasons for signing

  • Don't want to see soak holes appearing along the coastline and we loose our kai moana...more precious than oil..
  • Renewable energy sources are much better options for Aotearoa, Papatuanuku hoki.
  • To protect the environment and our waterways for our future generations, water is a natural source of life, WE CANNOT DRINK OIL!


2015-10-18 22:24:21 +1300

corresponded with council, recieved positive response. will create an event to present our petition and influence a submission

2015-10-17 17:25:05 +1300

100 signatures reached

2015-09-26 19:23:27 +1200

50 signatures reached

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