To: Auckland Council

We need more Soft Plastic Recycling Bins!

We need more Soft Plastic Recycling Bins!

We need more recycling bins,
More advertising,
And more awareness.

Why is this important?

New Zealand is making soft plastics into plastic fence posts and ducting!

This is an amazing opportunity we have to create another life for plastics. The average New Zealander uses about 31kg of plastic packaging every year.
We live in a throwaway culture but there are ways to reduce this.
There are still ways we can educate people to distinguish the types of plastics as part of the plastics problem is about confusion. More than half of our population has admitted that they get confused what goes in the kerbside bin, and more than 40 percent of our recycled items end up in landfill due to the lack of education around recycling.
This is why embedding a recycling culture in our community is important such as our plastic recycling bin.

Soft Plastic Recycling Information:

Useful video:

It's not that hard to recycle. Any plastic that can be scrunched into a ball means you can recycle it! Properly wash your rubbish to prevent contamination and create your plastics bin at home to bring with you next time you go to your supermarket to drop it off! Then WOAH you've just made a change!

Please help my campaign out!


Reasons for signing

  • Because there is only one were I live, and it is not we'll advertised. More people should be using them.
  • When people do beach clean ups and they find plastic bags,wrappers and packets tell them to take it to soft plastics because plastic at landfill kill 100000 whales and turtles.Pleasereply Allan